Registration Form for Promotion to II-I/III-I/IV-I...Click Here            Last Date for SCHOLARSHIP VERIFICATION @PRO (ADMIN BLOCK) is 10/1/14           Recruitment Drive by Global Keen Solutions for B.Tech-14 on 22nd March,2014           Campus Recruitment Training for B.Tech Final Year on 24,25 & 26 December 13            Recruitment Drive: ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIFE for B.Tech&MBA on 21st March,2014                      National Level Techno-Cultural Fest - AKSHARA 2K14 : 14th & 15th March                       I B.Tech Parents-Teachers Meeting in on 25th January 2014 @10 A.M.           

Intellectuals are not born but are made. They live a trail with unmatched perseverance, rocky commitment in their principled endeavors. Visionaries logical and reasonable encounters in their walks of life, become values, these conscientious values are irradiating millions of student fraternity and kindled their careers. This millennium poses numerous challenges to educational institutions, who chant quality mantra. An institution of par excellence, has reached unflinching success, in its strides of imparting quality education recognized. This feat was achieved by the Chairman of MRGI, in all his humble, mesmerizing and charismatic ways.

B SIBANANDA PATRO<br/>11J41F0003<br/>Aryan IT Solutions GANGIREDDY YASASWINI<br/>11J41F0016<br/>Aryan IT Solutions KALU CHARAN SWAIN<br/>11J41F0019<br/>Aryan IT Solutions KUNAL ANAND<br/>11J41F0022<br/>Aryan IT Solutions LAKHMANI GOLDI SHAMBHU<br/>11J41F0023<br/>Aryan IT Solutions LINGUTLA SUNILKUMAR<br/>11J41F0026<br/>Aryan IT Solutions MENDHE RUTU KAMALAKAR<br/>11J41F0029<br/>Aryan IT Solutions MANIPATI PRASAD<br/>11J41F0031<br/>Aryan IT Solutions MOOLI SREENATH REDDY<br/>11J41F0034<br/>Aryan IT Solutions NEERAJ KUMAR SINGH<br/>11J41F0036<br/>Aryan IT Solutions PANDAGALE PRAVIN RAMARAO<br/>11J41F0040<br/>Aryan IT Solutions PAPPU KUMAR<br/>11J41F0042<br/>Aryan IT Solutions TEJWANI KANCHAN TRILOKCHAND<br/>11J41F0055<br/>Aryan IT Solutions VINCENT SHIREEN ANIL<br/>11J41F0060<br/>Aryan IT Solutions HEMENDER SHARMA<br/>0941A0214<br/>AM signaling <br/> BOLEM SRAVANI<br/>09J41A05B4<br/>Accenture<br/> M VISHNU<br/>09J41A0563<br/>AGS Technologies NANDIGAMA RAKESH<br/>09J41A0538<br/><br/> KOMMAWAR  ANUSHA<br/>09J41A0508<br/>Sutherland services Private Limited SUNCHU STEVENSON<br/>09J41A0557<br/>Accenture<br/> <br/> GOLI  SINDHUJA<br/>09J41A05B2<br/>Accenture<br/> AILINENI SAIPRASANNA<br/>09J41A05A6<br/>Sunbeam Technologies<br/> A GEETHESH<br/>11J41E0001<br/>FRANKLIN TEMPLETON INVESTMENTS DIPIKA SINGH<br/>11J41E0014<br/>TATA BUSINESS SUPPORT SYSTEMS J OMINI	<br/>11J41E0018<br/>FRANKLIN TEMPLETON INVESTMENTS KAVALI MAMATHA<br/>11J41E0024<br/>INDIA INFOLINE MANOJ KUMAR<br/>11J41E0032<br/>SPICE JET NITIN KUMAR YADAV<br/>11J41E0040<br/>SPICE JET R RAMADEVI<br/>11J41E0046<br/>HSBC SAPNA<br/>11J41E0051<br/>INDIA INFOLINE VEMULA MEENA<br/>11J41E0058<br/>TATA BUSINESS SUPPORT SYSTEMS R R UDAY SRI<br/>11J41E0045<br/>NOVA SOLUTIONS A S RAJA REDDY<br/>10J41F0001<br/>Bitwise Global Software solutions<br/>Bengaluru ADITYA NAIDU<br/>10J41F0002<br/>Process Associate<br/>SELECTSYS American Pvt. Ltd<br/>Hyderabad BALA KRISHNA R<br/>10J41F0005<br/>DCS<br/>Hyderabad K PRASHANTH REDDY<br/>10J41F0022<br/>Magnaquest<br/>Hyderabad KALPANA CHOWDARY<br/>10J41F0023<br/>DCS<br/>Hyderabad KARIVEDA KIRAN KUMAR<br/>10J41F0025<br/>DCS<br/>Hyderabad LAKSHMI REDDY DAMAKANTI<br/>10J41F0027<br/>DCS<br/>Hyderabad MUDRA ARUN SAI<br/>10J41F0032<br/>Quickr Ltd<br/>Hyderabad NAINALA ASHOK KUMAR<br/>10J41F0035<br/>Magnaquest<br/>Hyderabad NARELE PRATEEK ARUN<br/>10J41F0036<br/>Birlasoft India Ltd<br/>Hyderabad P SRI HARI YADAV<br/>10J41F0039<br/>Global Intl School<br/>Hyderabad RAJAGOPAL V<br/>10J41F0046<br/>Polaris<br/>Chennai RAMKUMAR VANNAPPAGARI<br/>CLINAPPS<br/>Hyderabad RISHI RAJ SINGH SHEKHAWAT<br/>10J41F0048<br/>ADECCO , Bengaluru <br/>Business Development and Account Executive SUJITHA RANI K<br/>10J41F0052<br/>Process Associate<br/>SELECTSYS American Pvt. Ltd<br/>Hyderabad VENNAPUSA BHARGAVI<br/>10J41F0058<br/>Bitwise Global Software solutions<br/>Bengaluru
>> National Conference on ROLE OF CIVIL & MECHANICAL ENGINEER IN DEVELOPMENT oF SOCIETY (RCMS 2K13) <<                National Conference::NCACEE 2K13::Organized by Dept. of ECE & EEE                National Robotics Championship 2014 - IIT Bombay

3/28/2014---Registration Form for Promotion to II-I/III-I/IV-I...Click Here
3/20/2014---Recruitment Drive by Global Keen Solutions for B.Tech-14 on 22nd March,2014
3/20/2014---Recruitment Drive: ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIFE for B.Tech&MBA on 21st March,2014
3/19/2014---Industrial visit to Jurala Priyadarshini POWER PLANT :EEE III ON 21/03/20
3/19/2014---Industrial visit to NAGARJUNA SAGAR POWER PLANT for EEE II ON 20/03/2014
3/14/2014--- National Level Techno-Cultural Fest - AKSHARA 2K14 : 14th & 15th March
2/4/2014---M.Tech Project Viva Examination(MR-11) Schedule
2/4/2014---M.Tech Project Viva Examination(MR-12) Schedule
1/24/2014---I B.Tech Parents-Teachers Meeting in on 25th January 2014 @10 A.M.
1/6/2014---Last Date for SCHOLARSHIP VERIFICATION @PRO (ADMIN BLOCK) is 10/1/14
Dr. S. Sudhakara Reddy <br/>(Principal) Dr. P. Raja Sekhar.<br/>(Head, Department of CE) Prof.A.N.Sarma<br/>(Head, Department of EEE) Mr V. Narasimhareddy<br/>(Head, Mechanical Department) M. Jagadeesh Chandra Prasad<br/>(Head, Department of ECE) Mr.P.V.Ramana Murthy<br/>(Head, Department of CSE) V.Satish<br/>(Head, Department of IT) Dr.D.Sudha Rani<br/>(Head, Department of H&S) Mr. D. Mohan Rao<br/>(HOD , MBA Department) Mr.M. Nelesh Taunk<br/>(Head, MCA Department)
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