VISHESH 2K14           Engineering Drawing Workshop on 12th,13th Sept 2014           MREC MBA ORIENTATION DAY is on 13th October 2014 at Mini Auditorium            A Two Day Workshop on “MATLAB APPLICATIONS ON CONTROL SYSTEMS & POWER ELECTRONICS” on 26th - 27th September 2014                                                                                        

Intellectuals are not born but are made. They live a trail with unmatched perseverance, rocky commitment in their principled endeavors. Visionaries logical and reasonable encounters in their walks of life, become values, these conscientious values are irradiating millions of student fraternity and kindled their careers. This millennium poses numerous challenges to educational institutions, who chant quality mantra. An institution of par excellence, has reached unflinching success, in its strides of imparting quality education recognized. This feat was achieved by the Chairman of MRGI, in all his humble, mesmerizing and charismatic ways.

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