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Dr. S. Sudhakara Reddy <br/>(Principal)<br/>principal@mrec.ac.in Dr. P. Raja Sekhar.<br/>(Head, Department of CE)<br/>cehod@mrec.ac.in Dr. J. Vijay kumar<br/>(Head, Department of EEE)<br/>eeehod@mrec.ac.in Dr. R. Satyanarayana Reddy<br/>(Head, Mechanical Department)<br/>mehod@mrec.ac.in M. Jagadeesh Chandra Prasad<br/>(Head, Department of ECE)<br/>ecehod@mrec.ac.in R Chndra Sekhar<br/>(Head, Department of IT)<br/>ithod@mrec.ac.in Dr.D.Sudha Rani<br/>(Head, Department of H&S)<br/>hshod@mrec.ac.in Mr. D. Mohan Rao<br/>(Head , MBA Department)<br/>mbahod@mrec.ac.in Mr.M. Nelesh Taunk<br/>(Head, MCA Department)<br/>mcahod@mrec.ac.in

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